Tracking Your Pallet Order

You can track your order with us by providing your Booking Reference number, Order ID or Post Code above. Once we have this information from you, you will then have access to a variety of details relating to the pallet delivery order that you have placed.

There are also additional benefits such as acquiring your Proof of Delivery and having access to a star rating system.

Additional Help With Tracking Orders

We have an in-depth help section that can also answer any questions relating to tracking, or indeed any other pallet-related query.

If your tracking query has not been addressed in this area, our Customer Service can also be contacted via live chat.

Accessing Your Previous Bookings

Creating an account allows you to view all your information about your history when using this service.

You will access to previous bookings and invoices, which can help you to organise company accounts.

Potential New Tracking Features

We might added new tracking features, but we do not want to stop there.

We will continue to add new features over the coming months, and we will always listen to feedback from our customers.

The Length Of The Actual Delivery

Our drivers have a strict time frame in which to complete their deliveries. We allow for fifteen minutes, which helps our drivers to stay on track with their workload.

Of course, our customers also expect a quick delivery. Once the pallet has been unloaded, our driver then completes the necessary paperwork and can answer any questions that you have.