Pallet Delivery to Ireland

Pallet Delivery to Ireland

TieDex Logistics is here to simplify your pallet delivery to Ireland. As a trusted logistics provider, we offer a seamless and cost-effective service to ensure your pallets reach their destination safely and on time. Request a pallet quote from TieDex Logistics today and experience hassle-free pallet shipping to Ireland.

Ireland, a small island located in the North Atlantic, shares a long history and close trading ties with the UK. As a result, the demand for shipping pallets to Ireland is high. Despite its relatively small size with a population of less than 5 million, Ireland boasts a strong import and export economy, with major trading partners including the USA, the UK, Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland. When you choose TieDex Logistics for your pallet delivery to Ireland, you can rest assured that your shipment will receive excellent service and arrive at its destination safely and promptly.

Our pallet delivery service to Ireland is designed to be straightforward and efficient. National Pallets prioritizes customer satisfaction and aims to build long-lasting relationships by providing top-notch pallet delivery services. However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind before your delivery can be successfully made

  1. Business to Business (B2B): The statement "When sending internationally, we can only export pallets business to business" suggests that the service or business you are dealing with requires shipments to be sent from one business entity to another, rather than to individual consumers or residential addresses. This could be due to specific shipping regulations or arrangements they have in place.

  2. Necessary information for the commercial invoice: The mentioned details, such as Shippers VAT/EORI, Receivers VAT/EORI, Reason for Export, Signature from exporter, and their position in the company, are commonly required on a commercial invoice. These details help with customs clearance and ensure smooth delivery of the shipment.

  3. Direct Duties Unpaid (DDU): DDU means that the duties and taxes applicable to the shipment will be handled by the recipient in the destination country. The business or service you're dealing with does not cover these fees, and it is the responsibility of the recipient to communicate with local customs and pay any additional duties or taxes.

  4. Correct contact information for the recipient