Same Day Pallet Collection

Pallet Collection

TieDex Logistics & Distribution Pallets' services. It seems like they offer a variety of pallet delivery options to accommodate different shipping requirements. Here's a summary of their services:

  1. Same Day Pallet Collections (Domestic) & Delivery: TieDex Logistics offers same-day pallet collections if booked before 11:30 am. This service is suitable for urgent shipments within the UK.

  2. Next Day Premium Service (Domestic): They provide a premium next-day pallet delivery service within the UK. This option ensures fast delivery for your palletized shipments.

  3. 2-Day Standard Economy Service (Domestic): TieDex Logistics also offers a 2-day standard economy service for domestic pallet collection and delivery. This service provides a cost-effective option for less time-sensitive shipments.

  4. Pallet Collection and Delivery to Europe: If you need to send palletized shipments to European destinations, TieDex Logistics provides assistance through their subsidiary, TieDex Pallets. They offer collection and delivery services to 15 European destinations.

  5. 3-Day and 2-Day Premium Services to Europe: For shipments to Europe, TieDex Logistics and National Pallets offer a 3-day service and a premium 2-day service. These options ensure speedy transportation of your consignments across the channel.

TieDex Logistics aims to provide a balance between speed and price for their pallet delivery services. They offer different service levels to accommodate various budgets and schedules, whether you require domestic or international pallet collections and deliveries.

It's always recommended to reach out to TieDex Logistics directly for specific details about their services, pricing, and any additional requirements you may have.